• Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable
Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable

£45 Per night + Delivery.

For real vinyl fanatics, there's only a single standard: the SL-1200. Unfortunately, the production of this legendary turntable has ceased. With the PLX-1000, Pioneer has introduced a turntable that can fill the void left by the SL-1200. Don't be fooled, however - the PLX-1000 isn't just a downright copy. Like its illustrious predecessor, the Pioneer turntable has a clean layout without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Pioneer has paid attention to the input of her customers, though, and enhanced the PLX-1000 in several ways. As a result, the turntable is a proper workhorse that will keep you happily manning the decks for days on end.
Pioneer PLX-1000: close to the 'original'
When they were working on the design for the PLX-1000, Pioneer's engineers stayed close to the original, but added a couple of practical improvements. Its output - the only connector the turntable has - is equipped with a gold-plated RCA connector. The PLX-1000 has been developed for use with a DJ mixer, so there are no switchable phono/line connectors, USB or Ethernet ports. Whereas the pitch of the original SL-1200 could only be adjusted by -/+8%, the PLX-1000 also allows for -/+16% and -/+50%. And what's more, the pitch has been divided into three different speed ranges, which means you can make both dramatic changes and subtle transitions.
Innovative tone arm
Pioneer has chosen an S-shaped tone arm for the PLX-1000, so the stylus will sit in the groove as straight as possible, creating a minimum of noise. The tone arm itself has been insulated with rubber, so howling is reduced. To get the platter moving, Pioneer has opted for a powerful 3-phase motor, which has a starting torque of no less than 4.5 kg/cm and is able to reach its fixed rotation speed within 0.3 seconds. Naturally, the PLX-1000 is capable of playing at both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM.
Stability and damping
Sensitivity to vibration is an essential factor for turntables. Pioneer is well aware of that, and has developed a clever solution. The upper section of the PLX-1000 is made of heavy-mass die-cast zinc, which is reinforced with a lower section made of thick resin. The base plate of the turntable is further enforced with a vibration-reducing material. As a result, vibrations are dampened, which is particularly useful during live performances.
Applications of this neo icon
The main purpose of this turntable is spinning vinyl, and then some more vinyl. Ideally, two of these PLX-1000s are connected to a decent DJ mixer - Pioneer provides plenty of them. DJs who also like to dabble with digital technology can combine these turntables with a timecode package, or with a digital mixer like the DJM-900SRT, which enables you to control Serato DJ. Whatever setup you choose, though, the PLX-1000 is all about that pure, old-school feeling, combined with the pleasure of modern-day quality.