• Numark Dimension 4 Power Amplifier
Numark Dimension 4 Power Amplifier


£20 Per night + Delivery

Front Panel volume control with output meter display and clip indicators
5 Way Binding Banana plug and 3 Speakon® outputs
Crossover for subwoofer with 20-200Hz frequency adjust 30Hz and 50 Hz low frequency roll off filters
Internal Compression limiter with electronic protect for short circuits
2x dual speed fans coupled with heat sink cooling
1900W RMS at 4 Ohms (Mono Bridged)
1350W RMS at 8 Ohms (Mono Bridged)
2 x 850W RMS at 2 Ohms
2 x 660W RMS at 4 Ohms
2 x 412W RMS at 8 Ohms
Balanced XLR and 6.3MM inputs
Balanced XLR outputs allow multiple amps to share signals