• JAM Systems Q10 :: 4 x 2500W amplifier
JAM Systems Q10 :: 4 x 2500W amplifier


JAM Systems Q10 :: 4 x 2500W amplifier 45 Per night + Delivery

A high-performance range of professional use switch-mode power amplifiers, delivering outstanding premium power from a compact package. Its elegant 1U-footprint reduces rack space and cost, and weighing in at a shade over 10kg, set-up and breakdown of your stage is quicker and easier. Thoughtfully-designed recessed stepped attenuators make for easy and precise matching of gain structures, and a completely modular channel architecture means that each of the four channels has its own dedicated power supply for ultimate stability, with zero crosstalk or interference between channels. Employing a classic pulse-width modulation design, high switch-mode frequency and precise controlling of deadtime makes for exceptionally low distortion, surpassing the quality of traditional transformer-based amplifier designs. The high efficiency power supply is kind to the environment and ensures weight is kept to a minimum, with a circuit tailored for reliability that helps make sure your amplifier will continue to provide you with driving power time after time.

All 4 channels are identical, and each channel has a separate switched mode PSU, the power output per channel is the same regardless of whether one channel is driven or all 4 channels are driven:

2500W into 2 ohms - * EIAJ burst | 1300W into 2 ohms - ** 100Hz continuous
2350W into 4 ohms - *** 1kHz continuous | 2200W into 4 ohms @ 100Hz
1250W into 8 ohms - *** 1kHz continuous

* EIAJ 8:32 burst power measured at 1khz, 1% THD. This represents the maximum power available for signals with a high crest factor, and is approximately equivalent to speaker's published program power. ** 2 ohm power measured with 100Hz sine wave for a 10 second burst. Current limiting reduces the continuous output at 2 ohms to approximately 1300W. This is an indicator of maximum continuous power in bass applications *** 1kHz sine wave tested for 10 second burst with 1% THD

EIAJ ratings are short term burst ratings, but are representative of mid/high signals with a typical crest factor for common music. We have tested these amplifiers at 100Hz into 2 ohms and 4 ohms for purposes of assessing bass response. Continuous signals into low impedances trigger current limiting in the amplifier (self protection) which reduces the usable output power. Exceeding clip for over 2 seconds causes the amp to automate to self-protect. Higher crest factor signals are usually limited more by voltage rather than current, which allows significantly higher burst powers into 2 ohms compared with the continuous 100Hz rating.


Number of channels: 4
Frequency response (@8 ohms): 20Hz - 20kHz, +/-0.3dB
Slew rate: 50V/us
THD+N: <0.3%
IMD-SMPTE: <0.3%
SNR: >105dB
Crosstalk: >75dB
Damping Factor: >800 (8 ohms, 20Hz-200Hz)
Sensitivity: 1V
Input Impedance: 20k ohms (Balanced), 10k ohms (unbalanced)
Voltage Gain: 40dB
Protection: Auto mute for 2 seconds if clip level exceeded.
Efficiency: >85%
Cooling: Forced air flow from front to rear
Height: 1U
Product Dimensions: 483 x 375 x 44 (WxHxD)
Packaged Dimensions: 530 x 530 x 90 (WxHxD)
Net Weight: 10.5kg
Gross Weight: 12.2kg